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I am a usually rather quiet and shy person and don't talk much but I'll try to give you a quick overview of my life.
Me - 10 months old Me - kid me - 8 years old Me - geologist

These 4 pictures were taken at ages 10 months, not sure, 8 years and 19 years old.

I was born the first of 4 children in Caen, Normandie, France.
After my youngest brother was born, we moved to the village of Audrieu, midway between Caen and Bayeux.
Audrieu has a very long history: its name comes from the Gallo-Roman who built a villa there, you can see the remains of a mediaeval wood fortress, the cook of William the Conqueror built a manor there. When I was about 9, our teacher took us in fields near to the school to collect fossils and roman and mediaeval pieces of pottery that were brought up to the surface with ploughing. The fossils part fascinated me and from then on I more or less knew I wanted to be a geologist.

After my baccalaureat in 1983, I did 2 years of preparation to the "Concours des Grandes Ecoles" in Caen. The School I really wanted was the ENSG or "School of Geology" in Nancy. I succeded, spent 3 fabulous years and graduated in 1988. I then started a PhD, still in Nancy, in the Laboratoire de Méthodologie RMN with Prof. Daniel Canet.

I got married in 1990 and at the beginning of 1993, straight after obtaining my PhD, I followed my husband to London. He was there to do his military service.
During 1993 I got in contact with Prof. Edward Randall at Queen Mary and Westfied College and started a post-doc in August 1994, on a project funded by BBSRC. The work is about characterising soil organic matter using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). In the course of the past projects I have developped a database of Soil NMR data, located here. You can find a list of my papers here.

I separated from my husband and got divorced in 1997. I am now with the lovely alien (and our cat Nikita). We have bought a flat in London (in the Barons Court area to be more precise). We met through a friend whom we both met through the Internet.

Recent pictures of me and alien can be seen in the photo album.

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